forge forge [fɔːdʒ ǁ fɔːrdʒ] verb [transitive]
1. LAW to produce a document or money that is not Genuine (= real), or to sign something with a false name:

• They had forged some company documents and set up phoney (= false ) bank accounts.

• Someone stole my cheque book and forged my signature.

— forged adjective :

• He is currently in prison accused of trying to use forged banknotes.

2. forge an alliance/​partnership/​relationship etc to establish a relationship of working together with another person, organization or country:
forge an alliance/​partnership/​relationship etc with

• Air France also forged an alliance with Delta Air Lines, helped by a the open-skies deal between France and the U.S.

forge an alliance/​partnership/​relationship etc between

• A number of links have been forged between Danish and American companies.

• Both General Motors and Ford would like to forge a liaison with Jaguar.

• The US hopes to forge a closer economic relationship with East European countries.

3. forge an agreement COMMERCE to make an agreement with another person, organization, or country:
forge an agreement with

• They forged an agreement with the Philips to produce two games using the electronics company's Compact Disc-Interactive format.

forge ahead phrasal verb [intransitive]
1. to increase quickly and by a large amount:

• The dollar forged ahead to a 16-month high against the euro.

2. to move forward with a plan or course of action:
forge ahead with

• Petro-Canada, Canada's state-owned oil and gas company, is forging ahead with plans to sell as much as 15% of its shares to the public.

3. to become bigger and more successful:

• Company officials said the company is ready to forge ahead in Europe.

* * *

forge UK US /fɔːdʒ/ verb [T]
LAW to illegally copy something in order to deceive someone: forge a contract/document/signature »

Tax fraud involving forging documents and making false statements is a criminal offence.


He admitted he had forged the signature of the lawyer on the check.

Compare COUNTERFEIT(Cf. ↑counterfeit)
to make an effort to develop a successful relationship with a person, organization, or country: forge a relationship/a bond/an alliance »

The company is forging partnerships with a number of local companies.

to make an agreement with a person, organization, or country: forge an agreement/a compromise/a consensus »

Lawmakers are debating how to finally forge a compromise.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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